In 2018, the baby boy name is at number 589 in the popularity charts – a 242 place drop from 2017. The same decline has also been seen for baby girls named Harvey. Previously, Harvey was gaining momentum, being placed at 347 in 2017, up from 412 in 2016 andRead More →

The praying mantis is one type that can change color from green to brown and vice versa. While in its nymph phase, the praying mantis can take on a brownish hue after molting. However, this change occurs gradually, over several days. Can a praying mantis be brown? Mantids generally areRead More →

New Zealand White rabbits are easily distinguished by their relatively large and solid bodies covered in dense white fur, their upstanding white ears, and their red eyes. New Zealand Whites have become the poster child of the Easter season and are often depicted as being the Easter Bunny. Does allRead More →

The Jack Russell terrier is a happy, energetic dog with a strong desire to work. This breed is most happy when given companionship and a job to do. … However, these dogs are alert and make good watchdogs. The breed is naturally assertive and may not tolerate young children orRead More →

If you breed Pokemon, or catch a Pokemon with a static encounter (like a Legendary Pokemon) there’s a 1/16th chance to get a Shiny Pokemon with the Square animation. If you catch a wild Pokemon, there’s a 15/16th chance to get a Shiny Pokemon with the Square animation. Which shinyRead More →

Decades later, researchers hypothesized that the exceptional ability that smells have to trigger memories — known as “the Proust effect” — is due to how close the olfactory processing system is to the memory hub in the brain. How long does olfactory memory last? A study conducted at the RockefellerRead More →

The blue colour is a dilute of the black and tan; Isabella (also known as lilac in other breeds) is the dilute of the chocolate colour. What is Isabella in a dog? When a dog has two copies of the d allele, a black dog will become blue (aka slate)Read More →

Much of what was originally introduced to the gemstone market as andesine is not truly andesine and is actually enhanced labradorite, a fellow plagioclase feldspar. Andesine has a faint metallic schiller called labradorescence and exhibits a range of color known as pleochroism. Is red labradorite expensive? Red Labradorite is aRead More →

The Gila monster is one of only a handful of venomous lizards in the world. Others include the similar-looking Mexican beaded lizards, as well as iguanas and monitor lizards. Its venom is a fairly mild neurotoxin. And though a Gila bite is extremely painful, none has resulted in a reportedRead More →

The name Ellery is a girl’s name of English origin meaning “island with elder trees”. Is Ellery an Irish name? Last name: Ellery Recorded as Hilary, Hillary, Hillery and the dialectals Ellary, Elleray, Ellerey, Ellery and Elray, this is an Anglo-Irish surname of usually Norman-French origins of which it hasRead More →