Is Color Change Andesine Rare?

Much of what was originally introduced to the gemstone market as andesine is not truly andesine and is actually enhanced labradorite, a fellow plagioclase feldspar. Andesine has a faint metallic schiller called labradorescence and exhibits a range of color known as pleochroism.

Is red labradorite expensive?

Red Labradorite is a stunning member of the Feldspar family and is a very close relation to Sunstone. … The gem is incredibly rare and I have seen some gem traders trying to sell Red Labradorite for over $1000 per carat, placing it amongst the most expensive red gemstones on the planet.

Can labradorite be faked?

Any stone that cannot be damaged when subjected to harsh conditions that are bound to expose a real labradorite will be fake because the real ones are feeble and delicate.

What is the rarest labradorite color?

In our experience, the rarest colors are the fuchsia and purples as well as some transitional shades of pink-copper, and very light blue to true white flash. We do have some examples of these that we keep as display specimens in our showroom in Richmond, Virginia.

What is Andesine labradorite?

Andesine-Labradorite is a beautiful crystalline gem that is a combination of two feldspar varieties: andesine and labradorite. Its name “andesine” refers to the Andes Mountains where andesine was first found and the name “labradorite” was derived from Labrador, Canada, where labradorite was first discovered.

What chakra is Sunstone?

The gold and orange shades of Sunstone identify with the Sacral Chakra, or Second Chakra, located below the naval and above the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis. It controls the flow of energy and is the center of gravity of the body.

What is andalusite used for?

Andalusite is the seeing stone that promotes the desire for self-realization, helping one to rebalance and re-align. This stone helps the wearer in discovering problems and emotional blockages while pointing the wearer to the possible resolution. It is also a protection stone and used to ward off the evil eye.

Are Alexandrites expensive?

Size always affects alexandrite value. You can see this reflected in our Price Guide below. In sizes up to one carat, top-quality natural gems can sell for up to $15,000 per carat. Over one carat, the prices range from $50,000 to $70,000 per carat!

What is green Andesine?

Green Andesine Feldspar. Africa. This rare member of the feldspar family is similar to sunstone from Oregon. It differs, however, by having more intense color and much higher transparency. This attractive heart-shaped, vivid green plagioclase feldspar displays flashes of red when held in certain light.

How can you tell a fake zultanite?

Search for “synthetic color change diaspore” on ebay, and if your “zultanite” has those colors, it is definitely fake. You could request a certificate from the GIA or other reputable source, but those certificates can be faked, as well. The certificate should say that the stone is diaspore.

Does labradorite scratch easily?

Labradorite only ranks at 6 – 6.5 on the Mohs scale which is softer than quartz. This means that it can be scratched quite easily, even by dust (quartz is a major component of dust).

Is labradorite a precious stone?

Labradorite is a naturally dark-colored, semi-precious gemstone from the Feldspar mineral family that exhibits some brilliant internal flashes (called Labradorescence) of peacock blue, coppery red, pale green and gold when light reflects over its surface.

How can you tell quality labradorite?

Look for clarity in the iridescence. Also look for strong colors, as well as the existence of multiple colors and striations. The clearer the striations and the wider the range of colors, the more beautiful the labradorescence is likely to be.

Is labradorite from China Real?

It’s Newfoundland and Labrador’s official mineral, but two jewellers warn much of the labradorite sold in the province actually comes from Madagascar and is processed in China. … The iridescent stone is popular with visitors, who buy pieces of jewelry set with it. “Labradorite is not like any other rock.

How do I know if my labradorite is raw?

Labradorite gemstones usually have a dark base color with metallic-looking color plays of blue, green, yellow, and red. This iridescent effect is commonly known as labradorescence, and is named after this stone. It is caused by internal fractures that reflect light back and forth, dispersing it into different colors.

Is labradorite same as Moonstone?

While they may look similar, labradorite stones and moonstones are not the same. They are, however, referred to as ‘sister stones’. They are both members of the feldspar mineral family, but labradorite is classified as a plagioclase feldspar, while moonstone is an orthoclase felspar.

What planet is labradorite?

The Labradorite gemstone is the one that is suggested to be worn during Venus phase.

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