In the US, use of calamus and its products was banned in 1968 following demonstration of carcinogenic effects of long-term, high-dosage application in an animal model. … The rhizome of Acorus americanus is traditionally candied and used as condiment. What is Acorus Calamus root Extract? Chem/IUPAC Name: Acorus Calamus RootRead More →

There are three primary styles of hay mowers: sickle bar, disc. and drum. Each has Its advantages and disadvantages. In order to choose the mower that will work best for your situation, first fit the mower to the size of your tractor and then determine how you will be usingRead More →

You will usually take 10mg each day for 10-12 days beginning on the 16th day of a 28 day course of oestrogen therapy. Your period should occur 3 to 7 days after starting Provera. If you do not have a period after you finish a course of Provera, check withRead More →

In simple terms, you need torque to create tension in a bolt. You use torque to turn a nut onto a bolt and then to stretch the bolt, making it a solid spring that clamps the two materials together. Why do manufacturers use torque to yield bolts? Many vehicle manufacturersRead More →

In terms of blood supply and tension between the reconstructing digestive tract, hemi-double stapling technique with circular stapler is the best procedure for gastroduodenostomy. What is palatoplasty surgery? A palatoplasty is a surgical procedure used to correct or reconstruct the PALATE in a person with a CLEFT PALATE. The basicRead More →

Used in the treatment of oral thrush & other infections of the gum; mouth & throat. Take 1 lozenge every 2-3 hours. How do you take lozenges tablets? Let the lozenge dissolve slowly in your mouth and swallow the dissolved liquid along with your saliva. Do not chew or swallowRead More →

Lustreware (or Lusterware) is a pottery with a metallic glaze that gives the special effect of iridescence. The final glaze lustre is usually composed of different metallic ingredients. … The gold iridescent pink pottery grew very popular. When was copper luster made? It was made by a wide variety ofRead More →

Retort is defined as to reply to something, often in a witty or sarcastic way that turns the comment back to the previous speaker. An example of retort is to talk back to someone making fun of another. … An example of a retort is a what a person wouldRead More →

FISH is often used for finding specific features in DNA for use in genetic counseling, medicine, and species identification. FISH can also be used to detect and localize specific RNA targets (mRNA, lncRNA and miRNA) in cells, circulating tumor cells, and tissue samples. What is FISH used to diagnose? FISHRead More →

Maltose (or malt sugar) is an intermediate in the intestinal digestion (i.e., hydrolysis) of glycogen and starch, and is found in germinating grains (and other plants and vegetables). Why is maltase important? Maltase is one of the most important enzymes in our digestive process, as it is a key enzymeRead More →