What are the activities that promote oracy development? Cooperative projects, music-making and circle time likewise provide ample opportunities for oracy practice. The following are examples of activities to support the development of oracy skills: games to hone listening skills, such as Simon Says, Telephone, Red Light/Green Light, and Guess theRead More →

Oracy can be defined as the range of speaking and listening skills, behaviours and language necessary for effective communication and collaboration. Oracy skills encompass physical, social and emotional, linguistic and cognitive aspects of learning. How do you support oracy in the classroom? The Oracy Edit: 6 Ways To Boost SpokenRead More →

Why is it important to develop students Oracy? What are the benefits of teaching oracy? The benefits of oracy skills go far beyond academic achievement and employability however, they boost a whole range of social, emotional and interpersonal skills, including self-confidence, self-awareness, resilience and empathy. Why should teachers seek toRead More →