Byron Scott is the current head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. … He’s one of only seven coaches to earn the honor in each conference, five of whom have been elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in a coaching capacity. Is Magic Johnson in the HOF?Read More →

Matthew Fagan went on a “hike” one day with “friends” to Lake Tenkiller. He was murdered, his body was moved multiple times and his remains have never been found. The killers were arrested and jailed in Sequoyah County, but walked away as free men not long after. Was Fagan inRead More →

15 MICHAEL DEMIURGOS As for his powers, Michaels is nigh-omnipotent, considered one of the most powerful beings in the universe, along with his brother Lucifer. If Michael died, the energy released from his person could destroy all life from the universe. How powerful is Michael in Marvel? Powers and AbilitiesRead More →

Initially, Reiner had been asked to participate in the series, resurrecting his Michael Stivic character, but he declined. It is explained (on the show) that Michael had left his wife and young son Joey (then played by Christian Jacobs) to live on a California commune with a former 1960s “flowerRead More →

In this allegory, Michael leads God’s army against Lucifer’s (which makes sense, since he’s already rebelled against Him), defeats him and once again throws Lucifer and his followers out of Heaven. While this explains their relation to each other in the Bible, sorry folks—they’re most definitely not twins. Who areRead More →

During Bonanza’s initial season, Landon weighed a puny 132 pounds. He wore a heavy sweatshirt beneath his costume of twill and corduroy so as to appear more formidable around the chest and shoulders. Workouts involving push-ups, chin-ups, punching bags and lifting weights built him up so he could discard theRead More →

Michael killed 1 person accidentally: A person working for his mother. Michael killed 2 people who also killed people: Sammy and a person working for his mother.…Attempted kills Michael attempted to kill Christina Scofield. Michael attempted to kill General Jonathan Krantz. Michael attempted to kill Gretchen Morgan. How many prisonsRead More →

The British chef who lost his right arm in a car accident but went on to win two Michelin stars on overcoming challenges and cooking at Ballyfin Demesne. Chef and hotelier Michael Caines in the drawing room at Lympstone Manor, his hotel and restaurant on the south Devon coast. “IRead More →

Michael (and its variants) is one of the most common given names for men in the world. … It was the third most popular in Finland from 2010 – March 2015 (as Mikael), seventh in Russia in 2009 (as Mikhail), 14th in Spain in 2012 (as Miguel), and 15th inRead More →

And it had a lot of fans wondering just what the man was up to now. For the most part, ever since retiring from the NFL, he’s enjoying his $16 million net worth and he works as an analyst for FOX NFL Kickoff and other Fox Sports 1 programs. HeRead More →