Lockhart’s memory loss is permanent, but the Memory Charm doesn’t necessarily have to be. After Voldemort’s death, Hermione is able to lift the spell on her parents. Can you reverse Obliviate spell? OBLIVIATE. (But in the book, it is merely a confundus charm just to confuse her parents.) In theRead More →

Decades later, researchers hypothesized that the exceptional ability that smells have to trigger memories — known as “the Proust effect” — is due to how close the olfactory processing system is to the memory hub in the brain. How long does olfactory memory last? A study conducted at the RockefellerRead More →

In a list, access to elements is faster in ArrayList as random access is also possible. Access to LinkedList elements is slower as it follows sequential access only. In a list, manipulation of elements is slower in ArrayList whereas it is faster in LinkedList. Which collection is faster in Java?Read More →

A mnemonic is a tool that helps us remember certain facts or large amounts of information. They can come in the form of a song, rhyme, acronym, image, phrase, or sentence. Mnemonics help us remember facts and are particularly useful when the order of things is important. Does memorizing helpRead More →

This can be protective in the short term, when the emotional pain of recalling the event is still profound. However, in the long term, suppressed memories can create serious emotional health concerns such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative disorders. How repression affects the brain? Repression is theRead More →

Also known as “associative storage,” content-addressable memory is a chip that provides fast table lookups, most notably in network routers and switches. For example, Internet routers search a lookup table millions of times per second to find the appropriate port to output packets to. What is content addressable memory psychology?Read More →

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In computer architecture, word addressing means that addresses of memory on a computer uniquely identify words of memory. It is usually used in contrast with byte addressing, where addresses uniquely identify bytes. What is addressable memory in computer? Content-addressable memory (CAM) is a special typeRead More →

Do not put your memory foam pillows in the washing machine or dryer. The motions of a washing machine and dryer could tear apart the padding of your memory foam pillow. Not only will it weaken the material but it will also cut the pillow’s usual life span of 18Read More →

You should use heap when you require to allocate a large block of memory. For example, you want to create a large size array or big structure to keep that variable around a long time then you should allocate it on the heap. When can you allocate memory in heapRead More →

Use mnemonic devices. … Work specifically on names. … Use pictorial storage to remember lists of items. How do I remember a forgotten memory? Read an old letter, personal journal, or newspaper article. Listen to an old song that you or someone in your family loved. Cook a meal yourRead More →