Over time, people in ethically non-monogamous relationships may experience jealousy less often or less intensely, or they may simply have better ways of coping with it when it crops up. “One of the best practices you can have is having a practice of self-reflection and unlearning,” Wright says. Can aRead More →

Monogamy Is No More Successful Than Polygamy, And Research That Shows Otherwise May Be Biased, Study Says. … The new research says that consensually non-monogamous relationships, in which partners are aware that their mates have other sexual partners, are just as stable and functional as monogamous ones. How do youRead More →

Beans have more than 10 grams of fiber per cup serving that’s more than almost any other fiber source. Beans have a great mixture of soluble and insoluble fiber, both of which helps the food keep moving through the intestines to relieve constipation. How can I clear my bowels everyRead More →

Is it healthy to do splits? Practicing the splits is great for your joint health, flexibility, and balance — qualities that become more and more important as we age. All of these things factor into how much range of motion we retain, our physical independence, and overall quality of life.Read More →

Pudding is simply milk and cream, sweetened and thickened by a brief bout of cooking on the stovetop or in the oven. Unbaked puddings, like this one, get their richness and thickness from a mixture of cornstarch and egg yolks. Is Jello pudding a healthy snack? Jello is high inRead More →

Green Juice Benefits and 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink it Everyday Reduces Inflammation. … Alkalizing effects. … Improves Digestion. … High on Bioavailability. … Cleanses and Detoxifies the System. … Builds Immunity. … Hydrates your Body. … Improves Energy Levels. How often should you drink green juice? I recommendRead More →

It is generally thought a continuous 7 to 9-hour unbroken sleep is probably best for feeling refreshed. Such a schedule may not suit our circadian rhythms, however, as we desynchronise with the external 24-hour light/dark cycle. Are we supposed to be segmented sleepers? There are mixed views on whether segmentedRead More →

follow us on Flipboard. Volpi Genoa Salame. … Gusto Small Batch Genoa Salami. … Columbus Grande Genoa Salami. … Busseto Italian Dry Salami. … Primo Taglio Genoa Salame. … Nob Hill Dry Salame. … Trader Joe’s Uncured Mild Salame de Parma. … True Story Organic Uncured Dry Salame. Why isRead More →

Spinach is among those green veggies that contain the highest amount of oxalic acid. Eating too much spinach may result in the formation of calcium-oxalate, which can cause kidney stones. It can also lead to hyperoxaluria i.e., excessive urinary excretion of oxalate. What is the healthiest vegetable? The 14 HealthiestRead More →

The basic goal of a charcuterie board is to create a pleasing contrast between the different qualities in each morsel. Many charcuterie boards will include sliced baguette, fruit preserves, and even mustard or flavored olive oils to mix up the possible combinations. Why are charcuterie boards so good? Charcuterie isRead More →