5 of the Harshest Environments on Earth Antarctica. With wind speeds that top 320km/h, temperatures that plummet below -89°C and precipitation levels that match the driest of deserts, it’s safe to say that a holiday in Antarctica is like no other. … Lake Titicaca. … Iceland. … Alaska. … Yabuli,Read More →

The Atacama Desert forms part of the arid Pacific fringe of South America. Dry subsidence created by the South Pacific high-pressure cell makes the desert one of the driest regions in the world. Why Atacama Desert is arid? The Atacama is believed to be the driest desert in the world,Read More →

At first glance, the Gobi desert looks like a rocky wasteland where nothing grows. However, that is not the case. Several species of plants have adapted to survive in the blistering heat of the Gobi desert. What plant live in the Gobi desert? The most common vegetation in the GobiRead More →

They pick up and move two or three times a year, typically in May and October, usually remaining within a 25-square mile area, and relocate from November to April in a winter camp with some stone shelters for the animals. Where did Bedouins move too? Most of the Bedouin tribesRead More →