Pour 1 cup of water down your drain. Put the half cup of baking soda down the drain. Mix in the vinegar with your second prepared cup of water. Pour in the vinegar/water mixture down the drain with the added baking soda – Things will begin to bubble/fizz, this isRead More →

No one. Ignoring a dirty tub only makes it harder to clean. A regular bathtub cleaning routine can turn a semiannual one-hour job into a quick and simple 10-minute job every month. Removing soap scum from your tub will also help your grout and glass stay cleaner for longer. WhatRead More →

Apply the Chemical Caulk Remover. Squeeze chemical remover onto the old caulk bead, so the caulk is covered completely. … Allow the Caulk to Soften. Let the caulk remover sit on the caulk as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions. … Scrape Away the Caulk. … Clean the Surfaces. What isRead More →

While you can expect paint fumes to linger for about a day, the odor dissipates fairly quickly when you leave the windows open or use a fan for cross-ventilation. If professionals are doing the work, you have zero things to worry about. Are Reglazing fumes dangerous? Bathtub refinishing fumes areRead More →

The paint you should choose depends on your type of tub. For cast iron tubs, use oil-based paint and primer, and for an acrylic tub, use an acrylic polymer paint. Is painting a bathtub worth it? Bathtub refinishing is worth the money if your tub is in good working condition.Read More →

Pump Air Out Using a Plunger. … Check the Venting System. … Increase the Diameter of the Pipe. … Use Chemical Solutions. … Use a Coat Hanger to Remove Clogs Near the Drain. … Call a Plumber. How do you unclog a toilet that’s backing up into the bathtub? ToRead More →