Does Cheech Play Guitar?

An early lineup for the legendary LA punk band The Germs had auditioned for a part in the “Battle of the Bands” sequence for this film, along with a few other bands of the time.

Who is Rae Dawn Chong’s father?

As it happens, Chong’s parentage is as unconventional as her name. It is widely known that the actress’ father is Tommy Chong, the musician turned comedian whose Up in Smoke and other Cheech and Chong films have grossed somewhere around $300 million.

Is Cheech Marin still married?

Marin married artist Patti Heid in 1986; they had two children and have since divorced. Marin married his longtime girlfriend, Russian pianist Natasha Rubin, on August 8, 2009, in a sunset ceremony at their home.

What’s Cheech & Chong’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cheech Marin is worth $30 million and Tommy Chong is worth $20 million.

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